The Service List Registry Pilot Programme enables selected audiovisual media service providers to evaluate the service discovery platform and publish their own service list offerings free of charge.


During this introductory phase, the Pilot Programme will be made available to selected participants by invitation only on a limited early access basis, subject to terms and conditions.

The Pilot Programme is open to submissions from regulators, broadcasters, service providers, device manufacturers and application developers worldwide. Informal groups of organisations are encouraged to participate as part of one or more regional, national or international trials.


Service lists for the Pilot Programme may reference a limited subset of available services but must comprise valid and legal streams to which the provider has all the necessary rights.

In most cases, references will be to existing services already available to the public, either online or over conventional cable, satellite or terrestrial transmissions. Test streams to evaluate other formats or features are also acceptable, provided that they are appropriately rights cleared.

Participants in the Pilot Programme simply provide appropriate metadata and the relevant technical parameters required to access each service instance, either as an internet address or a unique identification of a broadcast transmission.

Organisations using the Service List Registry to publish service lists agree to the publication of their service lists and participation in the Pilot Programme.

Device manufacturers and application developers are free to test and demonstrate their client implementations against available service offerings, subject to fair use.

Any load or performance testing must be scheduled and agreed in advance with the Service List Registry.

Participants are encouraged to report any issues or recommendations, to which the Service List Registry will endeavour to respond promptly but is under no obligation to address.

The Pilot Programmme is not to be used as part of a general service offering to the public or subscribers. End users must be aware that this is a trial service provided only for technical evaluation.

During the Pilot Programme, the Service List Registry will be offered as is, with no service level agreement for availability. As far as possible any downtime for maintenance or other reasons will be scheduled and notified in advance.

The Pilot Programme may be withdrawn for any reason either temporarily or permanently at any time.


This offers a valuable opportunity for prospective participants to experience and evaluate the Service List Registry and the DVB-I proposition. It represents a relatively low risk way for broadcasters and other service providers to demonstrate new ways of service discovery and delivery without requiring significant investment in engineering time or infrastructure.

Participants in the Pilot Programme will be entitled to early access rates for future phases of the international rollout of the Service List Registry platform.

Applications to take part in the Pilot Programme are now open. Please contact the Service List Registry directly to express interest in participating in the Pilot Programme.

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