The Service List Registry enables broadcasters and other audiovisual media service providers to announce the availability of their services to compatible devices, displays and applications.


  • Reach — The platform expands the availability of services to audiences across various screens over diverse networks.

  • Relevance — Consistent access to services across screens maintains viewing habits and promotes usage on different devices and displays.

  • Integrated — Provider offerings can integrate linear channels and on-demand applications in a consolidated list of services.

  • Flexible — Services can be delivered over existing broadcast networks or online, in any combination, with an indication of preferred priority.

  • Fast — Online channels for special events or particular interests can be rapidly configured and added to service lists.

  • Quality — Enhanced versions of services can be offered to compatible devices and displays, providing improved sound and picture quality.

  • Logical — Service numbering provides simple navigation, preserving prominence for designated public media service channels and services.

  • Regional — Separate services can be offered for different regions, including online versions that can reduce redundant replication of broadcast channels.

  • Time-shifting — Seamless integration of on-demand playback and catch-up services can potentially replace time-shifted versions of channels.

  • Listing — Registered service providers can list their offerings on the self-service platform for a nominal fee on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms.