The Service List Registry enables legislators and regulators to designate or approve national or regional service lists, ensuring the prominence, availability, and accessibility of public service media.


  • Prominence — Designated services can be assigned priority positions to provide prominence for public media services within a particular jurisdiction or territory.

  • Provenance — Regulated service lists offer consumers assurance about the source and identity of media services.

  • Plurality — An open service discovery platform preserves consumer choice in a competitive market.

  • Simplicity — Easy navigation of services aids accessibility and supports assistive technologies for users with various sensory, cognitive or physical abilities.

  • Accessibility — Audio description or sign language versions of services can be offered as additional streams for audience accessibility.

  • Resilience — Alternative sources for a service can provide failover fallback from one type of network to another, providing improved resilience and availability.

  • Evolution — Services can be provided over diverse modes of distribution, allowing for long-term evolution to new forms of delivery over data networks.